【 About us 】
Since its inception 2004, Cats&dogs has presented Jazz as its main performance and a wide range of music from classical, bossa nova, pop, and chanson as well.

Cats&dogs is intimate enough for a romantic night
yet perfect for the variety of acts that allowing patrons
to see brilliant musicians in a comfortable setting.

The room has seating for just over twenty-five,
which ensures that every listener is close to the action.

Hope you join us for a drink in our fantastic bar
and a delicious hand-made seasonal meal.

  • Special Live Information

  • 2/3(土)
    ①21:00 ②22:20

  • 2/7(水)
    ①20:30 ②22:00

  • 2/11(日・祝)
    ☆Special Live・笹島明夫 Duo Live☆
    開場:15:30 開演:16:00 終演:16:30
    笹島明夫gt(from アメリカ)×粟谷 巧b
    料金:¥4500 (当日¥5000) MC+ミニプレート

  • 2/14(水)

  • 2/23(金)
    ♦︎バイオリンとギターで聴くBossa Nova♦
    ①21:00 ②22:20

  • 2/24(土)
    ★バイオリンとピアノで聴くポピュラークラシック【Swing Eagles】
    ①21:00 ②22:00
    斉藤 航vln×鳥居大祐pf

  • 2/27(火)
    ①21:00 ②22:00

piano & live bar cats & dogs
Address: F-45 Bldg 7F, Minami4jo Nishi5chome, Chuoku, Sapporo
Phone: +81-11-231-3611

Friday, Saturday,Preholiday 8p ~ 2a
Monday & Sunday – check the Live Schedule

Cover charge (with some refreshments): 2,500yen
All-You-Can-Drink: 4,000yen (included Cover charge)
※Tax not included
※No music charge
※Reserve a seat or hole bar’s available (up to 30 people)